Interview with Marcel Huber, Senior Portfolio Manager Multi Asset

What was your way to MEAG like?

I began my career at MEAG after graduating from economic high school with an apprenticeship as an investment fund manager. I already liked MEAG's structured and rapid selection process back then. After completing my training, I moved to a position in Portfolio Management Service. While I was working, I completed a MEAG-sponsored course of study in economics at the Fernuniversität Hagen. In order to be even better equipped for portfolio management, such a relevant course of study is often a basic requirement and helpful.

In which business area do you work and what are your tasks there?

I have been working in MEAG's Multi Asset Team since the end of 2018, with a focus on fixed income, especially credit. Our broad area of responsibility ranges from trading in securities and financial products to structuring portfolios, with a focus on customer needs. Before I joined Multi Asset, I worked in the Credit team for just over 4 years. There, our clients' money is invested in corporate bonds issued by issuers in the global industrialised countries.

What is particularly interesting about your position?

Since we have to anticipate and react to global economic events in the best possible way, we are always up to date and know what's going on in the world. I learn new things every day and my tasks are very varied. Being able to deal with a wide range of the financial market gives me pleasure and challenges me. 

Which services can you benefit from at MEAG?

I personally like the flexible working hours very much. I also appreciate the fact that you can work self-determined and often have a free hand in your everyday work. For me, MEAG is also a truly social employer with its family friendliness. Despite its size and ambitious goals, it is still very personal and humane.

Is there a personal highlight?

Right from the start of my training, I focused on portfolio management. At first I thought it would be difficult for me to achieve this with "just" one apprenticeship. The fact that MEAG made it possible for me to study alongside my work and switch to portfolio management was my personal highlight.

Thanks Marcel!