Interview: Leonore List, Human Resources

Mrs. List, what was your way to MEAG like?

Until 1998, I worked for 'Münchener Rückversicherung' in the real estate and finance sector and was therefore already part of the Group when MEAG was founded in 1999. Since I already had a HR background from my work at 'Münchener Rückversicherung' and wanted to be involved in setting up MEAG, I applied directly internally for MEAG's HR department, which was still in its beginnings at the time. From day one, I worked on setting up a completely new human resources department.

What are your tasks there?

In the HR department I am responsible for everything that has to do with payroll. So I "manage" about 900 salaries, including the related tax/social security issues, and also the company pension scheme. I am also the contact person for our employees and external parties, such as authorities and auditors.

What is particularly interesting about your position?

The company is in a constant state of change, so new opportunities always open up. There are new topics, we invest around the globe. This creates contacts in new countries and regions. It's also nice to be able to work independently at MEAG and to enjoy a high degree of trust.

Which services can you benefit from at MEAG?

In addition to the continuing education and training opportunities, which are really important here in the company, I believe that proper and really very appropriate remuneration must also be mentioned. I enjoy a position based on trust, in which I have a great deal of personal responsibility and am able to find direct ways to implement things promptly.

What is your personal highlight at MEAG?

For me personally, the early days when MEAG was newly founded and built were very formative. Freshly joining the company, I and our small team organized the transfer of approx. 600 people, which was a unique experience and incredibly exciting. There was a lot of trust in me and I was able to make a good contribution. That is still the case today. Such an approach shows me that one's own work is rewarded and valued by the company and that that we at MEAG can trust each other.

Many thanks, Mrs. List!