Interview: Beatriz Vilar

Mrs. Vilar, what did your start at MEAG look like?
During my architecture studies, I noticed how fascinating the subject of real estate is for me and focused my studies on it early on. In order to gain practical experience during my studies, I started working as a working student in the real estate construction projects department at MEAG at the end of 2013. After completing my studies, I started as a trainee in the MEAG trainee program "Get Started" in the same department. During the traineeship, I also got to know seven other MEAG divisions, which gave me a broad overview. I was also able to gain further practical experience in construction supervision at an external company.

What happened next? What are you doing now?
After completing my traineeship, I started as a project manager in the Real Estate Construction Projects team. Here I support the respective project management from conception through planning to structural implementation and am currently supervising a revitalisation project for a shopping centre. For this purpose, I am occasionally on the spot, for example for construction meetings and inspections. The aim here is to maximise the added value of the property and to monitor deadlines, quality targets and costs.

In your opinion, what does a graduate need to bring with him or her to get started at MEAG?
In the area of real estate construction projects, you should of course have a high affinity for the subject of real estate. In this context, assertiveness and perseverance as applicant qualities are important, among other things, in order to be able to conduct confident discussions afterwards and to survive with demanding service providers. I would also recommend interested applicants to inform themselves well in advance about MEAG and to carefully consider why they would like to work in the respective area.

What do you particularly like about MEAG?
Here I would like to emphasize the structure of the trainee program, which I find very successful. There are many rotations that can be flexibly adapted so that you get a broad overall impression. In addition, you are closely supervised by a professional coach and a personal mentor and thus gain deep insights into the respective area of work. You get the support you need.

What is your personal highlight at MEAG?
The fact that you already receive so many training opportunities as a trainee is a highlight for me. I was able to attend both internal and external seminars, such as the interface seminars at ERGO and Munich Re, and also took part in competence training. For me personally, my start in the Real Estate Construction Projects team after completing my traineeship was of course the absolute highlight.

Many thanks to Mrs Vilar!